Since 1976

October 2017

New Kata Book and APP

Who would have thought, when I wrote "The Complete Book of Tae Kwon Do Forms" back in the early '80s, that it would still be selling in 2017. Seems that there are a lot of students of American TKD who have used and continued to use that text as a reference for their training patterns. I've learned a lot in the last 35 years so I have wanted to update that book for a long time. About a year ago when I decided to finally do so there were several of you, in the younger generation, who said something like, "Mr. Yates, no one reads books anymore!"

While I disagree with that opinion I do have to admit that it isn't so easy to take a book to class or even prop it up in your living room while you try to learn a new form. So while I am updating the book with all new photos and some more history and philosophy, I am also shooting new video. We won't be combining the videos into DVDs (who still has a DVD player?), but instead incorporating them into a mobile app where you can just click "chunji" and see it performed from both front and rear angles. The other really exciting thing I'm going to do is video some specific applications for some of those puzzling moves in the kata. You will also be able to click on those. This will be a valuable aid for students and instructors alike.

This time I won't be going through a traditional book publisher but I'll design and print the book myself (in case you weren't aware, I am a professional graphic designer in my non-martial arts life). Of course that takes time and money. The programing of the app is going to be a complicated project as well. So that is why I am launching a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. It's only a 50 day campaign but I hope to raise enough in pre-sales and support to get the book and app going quickly. Go to the link below to help me make this a success.