Since 1976

January 2018

A New Year, Goals and Challenges

I am about to head over to Michael Proctor Sensei's dojo for his annual New Year's Day workout and luncheon. It reminds me of how we, at the AKATO, are an extended family. The martial arts serve a "melting pot" of not just international cultures but of a diverse cross-section of people in our own local societies. I am sure that you, like me, have made friends with many that you might never have otherwise crossed paths with in your non-martial lives. And I am all the richer for it.

And that continues to be one of my goals as I enter 2018. This will be my fiftieth year as a black belt and I treasure the relationships I have made over these decades. I sincerely wish that all the students, and instructors, of this organization will make new friends as they train together whether it is in a large commercial school or in a backyard dojo.

Sure we have challenges as individuals and as a society, but that is why the martial arts are so great (well, one of the reasons) in that we can share in these individual challenges and goals with our fellow artists. So whether it is helping another green belt prepare for a belt test, or mentoring younger students, or just perfecting your own technique and improving your dedication, I hope that this year will be one that you can look back on in twelve months and truly say that it was a profitable one for your life.