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Books, shirts and more
Mr. Yates has two new books out on Amazon, "Martial Arts ABCs" and "Sensei Sayings." Just go to Amazon and type in these books titles. He also has a new designer apparel line (shirts and more). Check out his storefront at RedBubble.

2020 Black Belt Promotions
With the pandemic cancelled the March awards banquet Mr. Yates presented these high-dan black belt promotions late this summer. John Patterson was awarded his 4th degree black belt, Aaron Barnett his 6th dan, Caroline Goodspeed her 8th, and Kelly Cox his 9th (see photos on the "current photos" page). Also, in September Mike Bonstaff was presented with recognition of his 8th degree black belt from both Mr. Yates and Mr. Mike Proctor via an online demonstration that Mr. Bonstaff performed from Metarie, Louisiana.

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Skipper Mullins (one of Mr. Yates original instructors) passed away this summer and his funeral services were attended by many notable martial arts figures including Fred Wren, Joe Corley and Jeff Smith. Mr. Mullins was one of the most famous karate fighters that America ever produced. He was a former Marine and a long-time Dallas Fire Department Captain. Mr. Yates served as a pallbearer along with Chuck Norris and Bill Wallace.

In late September Jack Erickson, an original AKATO board member and founder of the Dragon School of Tae Kwon Do (along with his late wife, Marion) passed away. Mr. Erickson was a World War II vet and earned his first black belt in 1968 under Allen Steen.