Since 1976

COVID is behind us (almost) and we are ready to resume the martial arts weapons classes at the Cooper Center in Dallas. Mr. Yates, Mr. Proctor, Mr. Barnett, and Ms. LaMarche will be teaching both beginning and advanced curriculum. As in years past we will meet on the second Saturday of the month from 4 to 6 pm. The cost per class is the same as it has been for close to 30 years now, just $10. You do have to purchase your own weapons however (contact Mrs. Barnett). The beginners will start with the BO staff and the advanced group will start with the TANTO. See you on June 12!

NEW EDITION OF THE FORMS BOOK—Mr. Yates's 2018 version of The Complete Book of Tae Kwon Do Forms contains all the patterns the AKATO uses in its American Tae Kwon Do curriculum (including the three Tang Soo Do forms) as well as history of the art in the United States, this is another must-have textbook for the serious student. On the inside back cover you will find a code to download and unlock the "Basic" version of the smartphone APP which includes the first five forms and applications of some of the movements. You can purchase and download the entire forms curriculum at the Apple or Android stores.

MORE BOOKS—Speaking of books, Mr. Yates's other new books, Martial Arts ABCs, and Sensei Sayings are available exclusively on Amazon.