Since 1976

July 2017

A New Chapter

In the last couple of weeks I've said, "goodbye," to three of my black belts who were moving out of state. One is a high school senior whose dad's new job means they are headed to the Pacific Northwest. This young man has been with me since he was seven. As he related to me how much his life has been affected by the martial arts he had genuine tears in his eyes. He thanked me for all I have done to make him into the young man he is. It was emotional for both of us.

Then a week later I had to bind farewell to a mother and daughter black belt duo who are also moving out of Texas. The youngest daughter had just made first brown belt and mom assured me they would be training and she'd come back sometime next year so they could test for their third family black belt. Once again, I heard how much the martial arts has meant to them and changed their lives.

Is't it true that the arts have that effect on people? The beginning students don't realize it but if they stay long enough to internalize the lessons (physical and otherwise) that training will produce, then it becomes a life-changer. These young students have stepped out into a new chapter in their lives but the experiences they accumulated in the dojo will forever be with them.

While it makes me sad to see students leave, it makes me glad that perhaps I had some small part in giving them the confidence and determination to face new challenges.